Your Own Legal Will

Most people do not like to dwell on the need for a legal will.  However, the fact is that your legal will provides peace of mind for you and for those around you by ensuring an orderly distribution of your assets upon your unfortunate demise.
Those close to you will be grief stricken and unprepared to deal with the distribution of your estate.  Without a legal will, your entire estate could very well end up in the judicial system for some time and at great expense.  The truth is that without a Legal Will, you are electing to have the court decide what happens to your life’s work.
Put yourself at ease.  Make sure that whatever assets you have are distributed exactly the way you desire.  In these difficult times, why waste money and time putting your estate through the judicial system where decisions you may not like take place.  There is now a simple solution for those without a will.
With, it has never been so easy to create a legal will and many other important legal documents. allows you to complete your legal will online in a matter of minutes.
That’s right, you can now draft your legal will from the comfort of home.  The Do-It-Yourself Legal Will package will walk you through the step-by-step process and work with you until the will is drafted just the way you want.
Once you are satisfied with your legal will, simply print it out a hard copy on your home printer.  When the will is signed and witnessed, it is officially your Legal Will.  Of course, circumstances of life change.  To change your Legal Will at no expense and at any time, access your account.  Make your changes and print and sign with witnesses and your new Legal Will is valid.
Each client at selects a login name and sets a password so that they may access their information at a moment’s notice.  This is the easiest, most transparent way to create your will.  The process is now refined, proven and time-tested.
User privacy is assured with the company’s latest encryption technology that protects all recorded information.  Your documents are ready for filing or modification at any time 24/7.
If you and your spouse or significant both need to create wills, offers a discounted package price of $40.00 for both wills.  The rate for your single Legal Will Package is just $25.00.  That just may be the best $25.00 you have ever spent.
Once your Legal Will is signed and witnessed, it should be kept in a very safe place.  Either your lawyer or accountant or a trusted third party should know the whereabouts of this important document.