Death is a certainty in life and you want to prepare your loved ones for that time by preparing a detailed will that tells them which of your assets will belong to them and which ones you want to donate or leave with good friends or others you know well. The first step is to get a Legal will item from a website such as LegalWill.com.au because this website offers the tools you need to create a legal will. Choose a Legal will item that includes a review from a solicitor because he will make sure the will was created properly.

Naming Your Executor

All legal wills must have an executor and when you prepare the Legal will, it is important that you choose the most qualified executor. The executor should be willing to carry out the wishes stated in the will and he must also be someone that you can trust. Some good people to name as executors if you have no spouse or children include close relatives, a dear friend, a longtime neighbor that you trust, or even your pastor if you are leaving a majority of your assets to the church.

What If I Don’t Want To Leave A Will? I Don’t Have Many Assets

Even if you do not have a lot of assets, you should still use a Legal will item from websites such as LegalWill.com.au because there are consequences of not writing the will. Your assets will come under the ownership of the state and then the courts will be responsible for distributing out your assets. When you write a will, you keep your estate from being fought over by loved ones and friends no matter how small the assets are.

Don’t Forget Your Children’s Well Being

If you have a terminal illness and you may not live long, it is important that you include possible caretakers for your children in the event your spouse dies before the children become adults. Close relatives are the ideal choice for guardians but you can also name a good friend as the guardian for your children. The guardian should be responsible, emotionally stable, be willing to look after the children and who is of good character.

Include How You Want Funeral To Be Conducted

When you write the will it is also important that you mention your wishes for the funeral. Write about where you want the funeral to be held, who you want to participate as pallbears and who you want to give the eulogy and any special songs you want played at the funeral. Mention any special flowers you want on display at the funeral and where you would like to be buried.


Writing legal wills is important because it gives loved ones peace of mind as they grieve and sort out your affairs. If you are currently not on good terms with certain loved ones, try to work the problems out before you die so you can include as many loved ones as possible in the will.