Why Should I Have A Power Of Attorney?

As any person in charge of a household or a business knows, being prepared for the unexpected is a great advantage. Often, a backup plan must be called to action.

In reality, this plan often means having either a General Power of Attorney or An Enduring Power of Attorney in place when needed. These two legal documents are important and may sound the same but serve different purposes.

The General Power of Attorney provides a person the authority to perform certain functions on your behalf. The General Power of attorney is often used when you travel or for short periods of time if an injury or illness prevents you from doing the tasks that you would normally do. A General Power of Attorney is an optional choice, but everyone should have this backup plan ready so that for extended absences there is a person of authority ready to look after your financial affairs.

An Enduring Power Of Attorney is absolutely necessary when you are hospitalised, or suffering some form of disability that may require various approvals, including medical attention. If suffering from an illness or accident you definitely need an Enduring Power of Attorney so that everyday responsibilities and difficult decisions can be made promptly. The Enduring Power of Attorney remains in place until you or the Attorney rescinds the form.

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Think about completing both Power Of Attorney documents. While the General Power Of Attorney is optional, everyone should have an Enduring Power of Attorney. Here is your opportunity to put a legal backup plan in place. Purchase your Power of Attorney forms today!