Where should I keep my will?

>Keep your will in a safe place. If the will is misplaced, it may be presumed to be null and void. Solicitors often hold wills on behalf of clients. Usually there is no fee for this service. You should keep a copy of your will and note on the copy where the original is stored.

If you are creating your own will by using an online service, or item, we recommend using a professional legal document storage service like Will Store. Will Store specialises in the storage of Last Wills and Testaments, which are stored in fireproof safes.

Some of the benefits and services are:

  • Storage in Fireproof safes.
  • Notification to your Executors of where your Will is stored.
  • Yearly contact regarding updating your Will.
  • Notification when you have updated your Online Will but have not provided a new copy for storage.
  • Assistance for your Executor.

Using this type of service ensures extra peace of mind knowing that your Will is stored safely and securely.

You should always advise your executor where your will is stored. Any personal administrative instructions for the executor can be relayed in a letter of instruction.