When Should I Update My Will?

You should update your will under the following circumstances:


In most cases marriage or remarriage automatically cancels/revokes an previous Will unless you have specifically stated in your will that you wrote it in anticipation of marriage.


In many cases divorce completely cancels / revokes a will. Even if this is not the case it usually leaves it in a state that you probably no longer want. It is recommended in the case of divorce that you write a new will.

Arrival of new children

The issue of guardianship is very important and should not be taken lightly. Without an up to date will, your children may not be looked after by the person(s) you intended. You should also write a new will to include any additional children.

If a person mentioned in your will changes their name

A will should be changed if any person in your will (including the will maker) changes their name, otherwise the reference to that person in the will may become ambiguous. As mentioned earlier it is simpler to write a new will in this case.

If you purchase a new item that you wish to leave as a specific gift

This is obvious but can be overlooked.

If you wish to change a beneficiary in your will

This is also obvious, However, apathy stops a lot of people from doing what they had planned.

If you have not updated your will in the last 3 – 5 years

Changing circumstances in today’s environment means that a new will should be written every 3 – 5 years.