What to look for with a Legal Will

The internet is the best possible market place to shop around for life’s necessities, like legal will items. Sure, everyone is familiar with the concept; save stacks of cash by having a solicitor created will provided to the masses. But how do you know you’re getting the best possible product while not paying too much?

You get what you pay for – to a point…

When it comes to legal products, it’s nice to know an Australian company stands behind the products. Free templates, although well intentioned, should be avoided unless you have a thorough understanding of the law, especially as many are made for the American market.

A paid Legal will item should still be affordable.  If sold by a larger and established company the price should be very reasonable, as they can keep the prices low by having a large number of customers. Legal will items from LegalWill are just that – created by Australian solicitors for the Australian market. And starting from $25 there’s no issues of affordability.

Comprehensive features

If you have kids, there are a range of additional considerations your will item must include. Ensure your will item is flexible enough to have added features. If you have kids, perhaps you want to hold some assets in trust until they reach a certain age. You should also be able to appoint a guardian in your Legal will.

Need more than a Legal will?

Legal wills are great for almost everyone, but occasionally clients with complicated trusts, family businesses or diverse international interests require something a bit more. If you have a slightly more complicated situation Legal Will offers solicitor checked wills, so you can be sure your will is irrefutable in the eyes of the law, and at an affordable price too.

From beyond the grave

Any personal messages or miscellaneous provisions should be provided for in a Legal will. Our custom created software allows you to enter personal messages into your will. This is ideal if you have any special provisions, or even want to disclose any dark family secrets (just be careful who holds copies of your will!)


We understand not everyone is going to get their will arrangements finalised in 10 minutes. Our system is designed so you can get all your ideas down in a step by step format. Once you reach the end you can print a copy and discuss with your family. If you need to make changes it’s free to log in at any time over the next 365 days and save a new copy. Just make sure you print off your will within that time frame, them  have it witnessed and filed.