What is an Executor?


An Executor is a person or persons who you select in your Will to carry out all of your arrangements after your death. Their duties include:

  • Making your funeral and burial arrangements
  • Paying your debts
  • Arranging for the distribution of your assets to the beneficiaries you have selected
  • In general, representing you (i.e. your estate)
  • You can select one or more Executors, although more than two becomes impractical. The persons you select should be persons not only that you trust, but who also have the organisational skills necessary to do the job. You may for instance, dearly love and trust your brother, Bob, but know that he is hopeless with money matters. Better then to select cousin Mary, who may not be quite as close, but is still a trusted relative and is also a Bookkeeper.

When selecting an Executor, you may also like to keep the following in mind: Your Executor can also be a beneficiary (for instance, your partner, parent, or child over 18)

  • If you select only one Executor, consider selecting a ‘back up’ in the event that your first Executor dies before you
  • If you do not have a close relative or friend that is suitable, you can nominate a Solicitor or the Public Trustee. They will charge your estate for this service