What is a Solicitor Checked Will? Updated for 2023

The Solicitor Checked Will option is available as a stand alone product or as an upgrade after you purchase or redeem a standard Will. This invaluable service is provided to give you peace of mind knowing you have completed your Will correctly and that you have a valid document.

This option is about a 3rd of the cost of the traditional visit to a Solicitor and saves you valuable time & money! The perfect solution for peace of mind.

After you have purchased the Solicitor Checked Will option we will send you an email to confirm your purchase and provide the details of the Solicitor that will check your Will.  The process is as follows:

  1. Purchase a standard online Will & upgrade to Solicitor Checked Will or purchase a Solicitor Checked Will directly from the home page or online store
  2. After completing your purchase, get immediate access to your Dashboard or locate your confirmation email which has a link to your Solicitor Checked Will
  3. Create, complete, submit & print your online Will including the additional page of questions located on your dashboard.
  4. Sign your Will in accordance with the signing directions printed with your Will
  5. Scan your Will & supporting questions to support@legalwill.com.au
  6. We then provide a copy of your Will & questions to the Solicitor
  7. Contact the Solicitor to arrange your phone appointment
  8. Review your Will with the Solicitor
  9. Make amendments to your Will if needed
  10. Re sign Will if reprinted

The pricing for a LegalWill.com.au Solicitor Checked Will is as follows:

Singles Will$150 (upgrade price $125)

Couples Will$230 (upgrade price $190)

Please note: the price of the standard Will is deducted from the price of the Solicitor Checked Will when you upgrade after your initial purchase.

If you have any questions regarding the Solicitor Checked Will please contact us on 02 9541 8588 & we will be happy to assist!