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If you are having any difficulty with redeeming or finding your Will, please review the commonly asked questions below:

Q.  I have completed my Will but I have now decided to purchase the 5 year access option.  How do I do that ?

If you log into your Dashboard, you will find the 5 year access option to the left of your purchase details. This can only be upgraded within the first 90 days of your purchase. If your 90 day access has expired then you will need to purchase a new Will & then add the 5 year access within the 90 day timeframe.

Q. I have purchased a Will or Power of Attorney & I am trying to redeem the code but I am being asked for payment again. 

A. You should not have to pay for your Will or Power of Attorney if you have already purchased a booklet at a post office or newsagency. However, you need to complete the transaction after you have redeemed the code. On the cart page your code provides a 100% discount so ensure you proceed and enter your name, address & email details & click on ‘place order’. This will give you immediate access to your Dashboard. If you have not received an email confirming your transaction, then try redeeming the code again (after checking your junkmail).    

Q. I’ve entered my unique access code but I can’t find where to do my Will.

A. When you have completed the ‘redeem’ process you will receive immediate access to your ‘Dashboard’ where you can start your Will. You will also receive a confirmation email which has a link to your Dashboard. From your Dashboard you can create, edit, print or resume your Will. Ensure to check your junk mail folder if your confirmation email has not been received. Alternatively, you can login to the site directly from the home page.

Q. I have entered my unique access code but a message appears saying that is has already been used.

A. You must have already redeemed the code. You can only use the code once. Check your email inbox for your confirmation email (also check your junk mail if not received).  Alternatively, you can login to the site directly. After redeeming your code, always log into your dashboard to access your Will.

Q. I have entered my unique access code and redeemed my Will but when I log into my Dashboard, there is no Will.       

A. You have to login to our site with the same email address you used to purchase or redeem your Will or Power of Attorney. If you did not receive a confirmation email after redeeming or purchasing a product (& it’s not in junkmail) it could indicate that the email address you used was entered incorrectly. We receive a copy of all products redeemed & purchased so we can check that for you. Email us as

Q. I have entered my unique access code but did not complete the redeem process due to power outage or something similar.  I am unable to use the code again.     

A. You can use the same code if you enter a different email address. If not, we can provide another code for you. Please contact us via email & we will help you.

Q.   I don’t have a password, how to I find my Will?

A.  You can generate a password using the ‘lost password’ option when you click on the ‘login’ tab. Then choose a password that is easy for you. Always check your junkmail for notifications when changing your password.

Q.   My password doesn’t work. 

A.  You can generate a new password using the ‘lost password’ option when you click on the ‘login’ tab. Passwords are case sensitive. Always check your junkmail for notifications when changing your password. If you do not receive an email, try the ‘lost password’ option a second time.

Q. I have purchased a Power of Attorney Kit and inside it says – Go to the ‘New User’ button on our site. There is no ‘New User’ button. The code in the book does not work in the ‘REDEEM’ section.

A. These books are over 10 years old and our site does not support the codes anymore.  We are happy to email you the forms or post you a hard copy. They are the same forms that you would have accessed on the site & are to be completed by hand. Email us at & we will help.

Q. I have purchased a Will online but didn’t complete it within 90 days. Can I please have it extended?

AWe cannot extend the expiry on a Will but we can provide a code for a new one. If you started your Will but didn’t finish it, you will have to enter your information again into the new Will. If you submitted your Will, we can possibly retrieve it & email it to you.

Q. I have completed & submitted my Will but I want to make changes. How do I do that?

A. You can access your Will form via your Dashboard. You can login to your Dashboard from the home page on our site. You need to do this within 90 days of your purchase (unless you have purchased the 5 year access option).

Q. I completed & submitted my Will several months ago and now I want to make changes but my Will has expired.

A. You cannot make changes to your Will after the link has expired. You will have to purchase & complete another Will. You can now purchase a five year access option so you can access & update your Will over a five year period.

Q. I have completed my Will & saved it but I don’t know where to go to get back in.

A. You should have received an email when you saved your Will – check junkmail if not received. The link in this email allows you to access your saved Will. Alternatively, you can login into your Dashboard via the site to resume your Will. If the email has not been received & the Will on your Dashboard still says ‘Create’ rather than ‘Download’ or ‘Edit’ then you will have to start your Will again. Contact us & we may be able to locate your partially completed Will.

Q. I have completed my Will & printed & signed it with witnesses. What do I do with it now?

You can either keep your Will at home in a safe place but if you do that make sure someone else knows where it is located.

Alternatively, you can use a specialist storage firm like Will Store. Will Store stores your Will in a fireproof safe and sends you a copy via email. They also write to your nominated executors to advise the location of your Will & what they need to do in the event they need to retrieve the Will. The cost is $25 per annum per Will.

Q.  I have completed my Will but I have now decided to upgrade to a Solicitor Checked Will. How do I do that ?

A.  You can log back into your Will & go to the last page on the Will template & click on the ‘Upgrade to a Solicitor Checked Will’ and go through the payment process. This will provide the extra page on your dashboard that you need to complete along with your Will. After your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours which will include the Solicitor Will Check process.  

If you cannot find the answer to your problem & are still having difficulty, please contact us at & we will respond within 24-48 hours.