Are Do it Yourself Legal Wills the Way to Go?

We`ll make a will when we have kids…“i`ll write a will when i buy a house.
Sound familiar? Like thousands of Australians without a will,it`s often some-
thing we`ve thought about, but put off for years until we felt it really neces-
sary.Perhaps you already have kids or a mortgage and have still procrasti- matter what your situation,it`s always a good time to write a will.

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    Consider A Solicitor Drafted Will if any of these apply to you:
    • I am a director of a company or trust
    • I am in a business partnership
    • I have been divorced
    • I have children from a previous marriage
    • I have someone who could make a claim on my estate
    If so CLICK HERE to provide your contact details & we can direct you to a reputable solicitor in your area to discuss a tailored Will to suit your circumstances.
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