This site is not a substitute for legal advice. The information in this site has been formulated to assist you in preparing your own Will, Testamentary Trust or Power of Attorney.

You have 90 days including the date of purchase to complete your Will online. During the 90 days you can access, change information & reprint your Will as many times as you like. After the 90 days has expired you can still access and reprint your Will from your Dashboard but you cannot make any further changes.

Please note: It is important to save your information and check all spelling and grammar to ensure you have entered your information correctly. You can move back and forth within the Will form to check all details. You can then print your Will and review your document and if needed go back into your Will and make your changes and reprint your document.

The do it yourself legal Wills at LegalWill.com.au are the way of the future. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars and your valuable time to sit down with a lawyer to prepare your Will.  That is no longer required with access to LegalWill.com.au. Instead you can take the time when it suits you to put your affairs in order for a fraction of the cost. It leaves everyone protected and there really is no excuse not to start today.

If you get confused or have a complicated situation it is recommended that you use the Solicitor Checked Will option to ensure you are completing your Will correctly.

In the event that you do not understand the ramifications of your Will you should seek the advice of an independent lawyer.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with your Do-It-Yourself online Will or Power of Attorney for any reason, our 100% money back guarantee provides for a full refund up to 14 days from date of purchase.

For the Do-It-Yourself Will product, a refund will not be provided if the Will drafting process has been completed and you have submitted your Will.

For the Do-It-Yourself Power of Attorney product, a refund will not be provided if you have downloaded the PDF form.

General Terms and Conditions

1. LegalWill.com.au provides Do-It-Yourself online Wills, Do-It-Yourself online Testamentary Trusts and Power of Attorney products only. We do not provide legal advice and cannot provide assistance in the completion of the online Will or Power of Attorney forms or their execution.

2. LegalWill.com.au will provide support if an error occurs with the process of purchasing or completion of your form online.

3. Completing your Do-It-Yourself Online Will does not require the services of a Solicitor / Attorney however if you have a complex situation you should seek legal advice.

4. The Do-It-Yourself Online Will is not a substitute for legal advice. It has been formulated to assist you in preparing your own Will. If you get confused or have a complicated Will, it is recommended that the Solicitor Checked Will is used, or you should seek legal advice.

5. Legal Documents Online Pty Ltd (LegalWill.com.au) accepts no liability for the  actual information entered by the user or the correctness or legality of the documents created or for advice provided to you by the solicitor.

6. If the Solicitor Checked Will is selected, the purchase price stated covers a standard Will review. The solicitor maintains the right to charge additional fees for non-standard Wills, Testamentary Trusts and / or Powers of Attorney.

7. If the solicitor determines that the product you have purchased is not acceptable for your circumstances and you agree to enter into a contract directly with the solicitor then the solicitor will reduce the cost of the services they provide to you directly by the amount you have paid for the online Will.

8. Legal Documents Online Pty Ltd provides payment to the solicitor for the services provided in association with the Solicitor Checked Will as the solicitor is engaged by Legal Documents Online Pty Ltd to do this.

9. Legal Documents Online Pty Ltd (LegalWill.com.au) reserves the right to provide an alternative solicitor if required.

10. It is your responsibility to keep account details such as address and contact details up to date.

11. If you decide to close the web page without completing your Will, your information will not be saved. You must SUBMIT or SAVE your answers to retain the information. You can then access your Will via your ‘Dashboard’ or your unique link in your confirmation email and resume the completion of your Will at a later time.

12. Once you have completed and submitted your document, you can then print & review it to ensure all spelling and grammar are correct and if needed, you can log back into to your Will and make any changes and reprint your Will document as many times as you like within the 90 day period.

13. If you have chosen the 5 year access option, you can log back into to your Will and make any changes and reprint your Will document as many times as you like within the 5 year period.  If at any point LegalWill.com.au is no longer operating then a refund will be provided on a pro rata basis for the remaining time within the 5 years.

14. Where you have chosen a Solicitor Checked Will:

a) You acknowledge that Legal Documents Online Pty Ltd (LegalWill.com.au) prepares a standardised Will only based on the information you enter through the LegalWill.com.au website;

b) The solicitor accepts no responsibility for the documents produced by you or Legal Documents Online Pty Ltd through the LegalWill.com.au website or their execution;

c) The solicitor acts for Legal Documents Online Pty Ltd, not you, in providing limited advice regarding whether there may be more appropriate ways to document your wishes. The Solicitor Checked Will service we provide does not include the solicitor witnessing you to sign your Will or explaining or witnessing the execution by you of your power attorney obtained through LegalWill.com.au;

d) The solicitor may suggest that an estate plan be put into place with tailored legal documents being drafted by the solicitor to suit your particular circumstances as there may be a more appropriate way to deal with your affairs that cannot be adequately covered in a standardized template document;

e) If you wish to have a tailored estate plan created for you, you can negotiate and directly enter into a separate costs agreement with the solicitor to do this. Legal Documents Online Pty Ltd will not be responsible for the solicitor’s advice or documents prepared by the solicitor (as these will not be prepared through LegalWill.com.au);

f) To the maximum extent permitted by law any liability to you in respect of any loss, cost, damage, liability or expense is limited (even where caused or contributed to by our negligence or breach of any term, condition or warranty in our arrangements) in Legal Documents Online Pty Ltd’s absolute discretion to:

i)     refunding the costs paid by you for services;

ii)    resupplying the services or equivalent services;

iii)   paying the costs of resupplying the services or equivalent services.


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