Do It Yourself Legal Will

Guardianship and Administration Tribunal as part of a Will


Dealing with Disputes as part of a Will

> Most people with impaired decision-making capacity do not need a guardian or administrator because their family, friends or support network help them make decisions. The Tribunal will only appoint a guardian or administrator if there is no other way to ensure that the interests of the person concerned are protected and that his/her needs …

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Guardianship and Administration Act 2000

> In the case where there is no enduring power of attorney then problems may arise. The Guardianship and Administration Act 2000, which commenced operation on 1st July 2000, complements the Powers of Attorney Act 1998 and is the final stage in the implementation of recommendations made by the Queensland Law Reform Commission to assist …

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Hearings as part of a Will

> Upon receipt of an application, the Tribunal will investigate the situation which has been referred to it and may make independent enquiries and collect information to enable the panel to make a proper decision. The Tribunal examines documents and hears evidence in much the same way as a Court. The Tribunal must comply with …

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