Do It Yourself Legal Will

How can I make sure my wishes are carried out?


What Makes a Valid Will?

>To be able to be put into effect and recognised by a court of law, the will-maker/testator must be mentally competent, and the will must be: 1. In writing (ie on paper), 2. Signed at the bottom by the testator (you), and 3. Witnessed by at least two people. The testator and the witnesses must …

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Distribution of Property through a Legal Will

>Distributing of your property after your death and making some provisions are the primary objectives of a will. Here are some points that you need to put into mind when distributing your properties and assets: Make proper provisions for your spouse, children, or ex-nuptial children. The Family Provision Legislation declares that family members and dependants …

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How do you make a Will?

> Anyone over 18 years of age who is of sound mind can and should make a Will. A Will must select at least one beneficiary to take the estate, and should also at least select one Executor who is responsible for the financial arrangements. The Executor can be one of the beneficiaries. A Will …

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