Where should I store my Will?

The safe storage of your Will is just as important as writing it!

Every year many people die having written a Will, yet when the time comes, the Will cannot be located.

Because of this they are deemed to have died intestate. In some states if a copy of the Will can be produced and it can be shown that you did not intend to destroy your Will, you will not have died Intestate. In cases such as these, the estate is administered under the laws of Intestacy, which are quite inflexible.

It is strongly recommended that you place your Will in a safety deposit box or better still take up the Storage and update service offered with your online Will. This enables you to securely store your Will in a fireproof safe with Will Store Pty Ltd, a specialist storage company for Last Wills and Testaments.


Legal Will Document Storage for your Will or Power of Attorney

1 year $25

2 years $50

3 years $75

4 years $85 (15% saving)

5 years $95 (24% saving)

Please contact Will Store Pty Ltd on 02 9541 8588 for more information on storing your Will or Power of Attorney documents.