Protect Your Assets at Legal is a technology-based provider of legal documents including legal wills.  While nobody likes to dwell upon the end of a life, the fact is that the more organized your affairs are, the less hardship and costs your loved ones will experience.
Unsettled estates are costly.  When there is no legal will in place, there are many court fees involved and the distribution of your assets may not resemble your plan.  You can organize your estate and gain great peace of mind by visiting Follow the easy three-step process to create a legal will substance. also provides other useful legal forms at very inexpensive rates. Creating a General Power of Attorney, or an Enduring Power of Attorney and the do-it-yourself Legal Will cost just $25.00 each.  At those prices, you cannot go wrong.  Ask yourself what a solicitor would charge for those services.
All documents created at can be changed as situations change.  You may want to add or subtract beneficiaries to your legal will or you may want to change the way certain items are distributed. There is no charge for making these changes.
At, you can also create a Solicitor Checked Legal Will or a Testamentary Trust.  These forms are a bit more expensive but they still represent great value.  The Testamentary Trust is a particularly interesting document with many advantages and much protection.
The idea behind this forward-thinking site is that you do not need to pay an attorney to draw any of these important documents.  You can create all these forms in a matter of minutes.  After they are printed, have the documents notarized and put them in a safe place. has arranged for safe storage so that users can access or change their information at any time.  All information processed through the site is encrypted for safety and confidentiality.