Plan Ahead With an Enduring Power of Attorney

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your loved ones and/or your business if you were to be incapacitated due to injury or unexpected illness? Imagine the complications. Who would pay the bills? If you were to suddenly become incapacitated, who would care for the family? Who would know your financial status and how expenses should be met?
Nobody wants to think about a tragedy, but they happen every day of every year. And, tragedies happen to well-meaning people. If a business or family is depending on you, you must plan ahead. At some point in our lives, most of us suffer some sort of unexpected disability. That is not the time to be concerned about how your personal or business affairs will be handled.
The remedy for this predicament is called an enduring Power of Attorney. The Enduring Power of Attorney is a popular chain of command document for those who travel and who are ill or elderly and choose not to be bothered.
Thanks to today’s technology, responsible persons can plan for unlikely events by preparing the Enduring Power of Attorney form from the online provider At this site, you can complete the form online and download. Simply have it notarized and record it. You have then established an individual to act on your behalf in the event you are unavailable. Of course, you should consult the person you choose before recording the document.
A person acting on your behalf will know your wishes and will act accordingly. An Enduring Power of Attorney is different from a General Power of Attorney, which can also be accessed and created at legal For those who prefer to handwrite either the Enduring Power of Attorney form or the General Power of Attorney form, will mail the form with instructions to your home or business.
Mailing List Australia has taken great care to having both Enduring Power of Attorney and General Power of Attorney form for filing in these locales.

  • Enduring & General Power of Attorney for NSW
  • Enduring & General Power of Attorney for QLD
  • Enduring & General Power of Attorney for NT
  • Enduring & General Power of Attorney for WA
  • Enduring & General Power of Attorney for SA
  • Enduring & General Power of Attorney for VIC
  • Enduring & General Power of Attorney for ACT
  • Enduring & General Power of Attorney for TAS

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