What do our products cost?


Legal Will for Singles $25 – includes one Will

Legal Will for Couples $40 – includes two Wills

Legal Will & POA Combo $40 – includes one Will & one set of POA forms

Solicitor Checked Will for Singles $135 – includes one Will

Solicitor Checked Will for Couples $220 – includes two Wills

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney documents for all states $25 – includes all documents specific to each state.

Advance Health Care Directive

Health Care Directive $25

We currently have Health Directives for ACT, QLD, SA, VIC & WA.

Secure & fireproof document storage for your Will, Power of Attorney or Health Directive (cost is per person) 

1 year $25

2 years $50

3 years $75

4 years $85 (15% saving)

5 years $95 (24% saving)

Five Year access

Five year access for Singles Will $30

Five year access for Couples Will $50

Please contact Will Store Pty Ltd on 02 9541 8588 for more information on storing your Will or Power of Attorney documents.


  • Legal Will

  • Solicitor Checked Will

    Consider A Solicitor Drafted Will if any of these apply to you:
    • I am a director of a company or trust
    • I am in a business partnership
    • I have been divorced
    • I have children from a previous marriage
    • I have someone who could make a claim on my estate
    If so CLICK HERE to provide your contact details & we can direct you to a reputable solicitor in your area to discuss a tailored Will to suit your circumstances.
  • Power of Attorney

  • Legal Will & Power of Attorney Combo

  • Legal Will Storage