Life Goes On With an Enduring Power Of Attorney

>We live longer. Because we do, our responsibilities live longer, right alongside us. Even if we are able to manage our responsibilities, there comes a time when it makes sense for someone else to step in and help.

When we are no longer able to administer to our important responsibilities, an enduring Power of Attorney gives us the assurance that we will not disappoint ourselves or those around us. Selecting an Enduring Power of Attorney assures us that our financial, health and personal matters will be administered by a person of our choosing.

While it is easy to overlook appointing an Enduring Power of Attorney, this decision establishes a responsible transition if the unexpected should occur. Of course, the key to the effectiveness of the Enduring Power of Attorney is our selection of the individual who will best represent our interests in a manner of our liking.

In today’s busy world, filled with travel and mobility, principals are selecting an Enduring Power of Attorney at early ages. Despite our best intentions, surprises happen and when they do we are better served by having an ongoing plan in place.

What we do not want is a court-appointed overseer or family squabbles. These unfortunate possibilities are easily eliminated with the selection of an Enduring Power of Attorney. If something unexpected did occur and we were unable to make important health, financial or personal decisions, the Enduring Power of Attorney will act in our best interests.

We have worked hard to get where we are. We must protect our achievements and protect ourselves. By selecting an Enduring Power of Attorney, we know that our affairs will be managed as we would wish.