Legal Enduring Power of Attorney

Do it yourself Enduring Power of Attorney forms have become the popular, easy-to-complete mechanism that enables the user to know that financial and real estate matters will be handled responsibly by the designated party when the user is unavailable.  In Australia, the rights and regulations that govern the Enduring Power of Attorney assignment are detailed in the NSW Powers of Attorney Act in 2003.

The term “power of attorney” is a bit misleading because the “attorney” can be any person chosen by the user to perform a wide range of services.  In other words, the person designated as the “attorney” can be any person above the age of 21 who can be a family member, friend or business associate, not necessarily an attorney or solicitor.
Usually, the user has several meetings with the selected individual to outline the areas where decisions may need to be made and instructions as to how financial matters will be handled.  An Enduring Power of Attorney can be useful even when the user is in the area, especially for matters related to income property of rent collections.
With the online do it yourself Enduring Power of Attorney, you can achieve great peace of mind knowing that a person you trust and who you may even have trained can act on your behalf if you are away or if you have matters you prefer to delegate.  You are empowering your chosen person to act on your behalf and the legally recorded enduring power of attorney authenticates their validity.
The primary use of an Enduring Power of Attorney is when the user becomes ill or is unable to carry on necessary business matters.  Like other power of attorney can be changed in another simple filing.
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After you subscribe, select the form you seek and the program will walk you through the paces.  All information is encrypted for security and confidentiality.  You will always have access to the information you record or draft in either hard copy form or by visiting your account at
Events can occur that may make it necessary to cease the power of attorney or to change the designated attorney.  Simply return toll your account and create the changed before getting the document  registered and certified.  Gain some peace of mind and use an Enduring Power of Attorney to assure your vision is completed