How to Write a Will

>Most of you must not have thought of the wisdom and practicality of making a will. Creating a will today will eventually be highly beneficial and advantageous especially when you have responsibilities to a spouse or dependent children. It will also lessen the misunderstandings that may occur between your heirs when you have vast properties that you wish to distribute at the time of your death.

Anyone of sound mind and at the age of 18 can legally make a will. In fact, it is strongly advised that persons who are qualified to create a will should do so. Let us show you the reasons why.

Because making a will is a fairly new idea, thousands of people who die each year have not authored their own wills. More often than not, being intestate (the state of dying without a will), produces more problems, complications, and sometimes suffering for the family of the deceased at a time of despair. If you give it a thought now, do you know what will happen to your family and loved ones if you died intestate?

Depending on the government, the law operates on certain decrees called “Rules of Intestacy” when someone dies intestate. Your loved ones lose control over what happens to your estate and the law will take care of whom, what, and how gets this or that. This process is often painstaking for your loved ones, and most often it does not distribute your properties in the way that you would have preferred it. Additional expenses may also be administered to your assets, leaving less to your beneficiaries.