How To Draw A Legal Power Of Attorney For $25

The Power of Attorney is a legal document used by business persons, the elderly, travelers and anyone else who wants an independent person to manage certain affairs. A legal general power of attorney permits another party to make decisions on behalf of the issuer. This authority can be defined to certain areas or can be broad based.

Typically, the general power of attorney is used for persons who are no longer able to manage their affairs or who elect to have another designee be able to act on their behalf. The enduring power of attorney accomplishes the same authorization. The difference between the two is that the general power of attorney has a starting and finishing date. The enduring power of attorney lasts until it is overwritten. There is no termination date.

In the past, people in need of a power of attorney went to a solicitor and asked that the papers be drawn. While general and enduring powers of attorney are legal documents, they do not have to be drafted by an attorney to be recorded legally. If a person uses a solicitor to create these documents, the solicitor will ask a series of questions. He or she will make notes. He or she will turn the project over to an office assistant who will prepare the pre-printed form and give it to the solicitor, who will quickly look it over. The solicitor will then call you to come in and sign the document. You will do that.

The solicitor will execute the document and record it by mail. All these services cost money. Suddenly, your power of attorney document costs $200.00 to $300.00 dollars. For what?

At Legal, you have a choice. You can purchase a general or enduring online power of attorney item for $25.00. You can receive it by mail or on your computer. You fill out the paper and print as many copies as necessary. Sign it. Get it notarized. Distribute it. You are finished. Cost $25.00.

That’s why do-it-yourself enduring and general power of attorney items are so popular. There are other reasons. If you want to change the form at any time, you have access to everything necessary to implement the change. Simply return to, pull up your information and change as many times as you want at no additional fee. This is too good an offer to pass by. Check it out and pay $25 for your POA.