How To Draft a Do-It-Yourself Legal Will

Drawing a legal will in Australia has never been as easy as it is now. We can thank our lucky stars that this is one more legal service for which we do not have to hire a solicitor.
The drawing of a will is now a fully automated, online service, but it is still a serious proposition. Nobody enjoys thinking about the end of one’s life, but drawing a legal will is the responsible thing to do. Everyone living in Australia should have a legal will, regardless of the size of the estate.

In a legal will, one appoints an executor and indicates how assets of the estate are to be distributed. The creation of a legal ensures the beneficiaries that there is an organized distribution plan in place and that there will not be heavy legal and court fees to resolve matters of the estate.

A lack of a legal will has caused undue hard feelings between siblings and between relatives. Before creating your legal will online, spend a few minutes identifying how exactly you want things done. Then all you need to do is purchase a Legal Will Australia Kit at and follow the prompts to complete a will that will hold up in any court.

After the will is notarized, you have a binding agreement that will keep your estate out of the court room and in the control of your appointed executor. The executor will enforce the distribution of assets upon your demise. Inheritances that do not have a legal will can go astray very quickly and there is often irreparable damage done to beneficiaries. This need not happen.

Can a legal will really be drawn online? You bet it can. In fact, you can change your will at any time by using the Legal Wills Australia software and updating or simply adding assets or identifying new assets and how things will be administered after you are gone.

At Legal Wills Australia, you register and select a user id and unique password. This will get you to a point where you can draft the will to your standards. This platform has been used by thousands of Australians to get their most personal affairs in order. This is the foremost legal will software on the planet and what clients like is that they are walked through a very methodical series of prompts. No guesswork, no chance of getting lost.
At Legal Wills Australia, clients have free access to their records for one full year. You can change you will at any time during that year at no cost. Your information will all be stored securely and encrypted for your future use.

The important thing is that when you have followed all the steps, you simply print out your legal will. Get it notarized and file it in a safe place where your executor knows the location. Then, if the unexpected occurs your legal will come into play. Total cost $25. Yes, you read it correctly. Even if you have an existing legal will drawn by a solicitor and it is time to change the terms, use Legal Wills Australia and save a fistful of dollars.