We are proud to partner with Evaheld.com to offer you a new and innovative way to preserve your Legacy, Story and Voice while creating the perfect heirloom for future generations!

Create personalised content that your loved ones and future generations will cherish forever. Simple, seamless and secure!


checkmark icon A family vault that will become an heirloom treasure trove for future generations

checkmark icon Send your content posthumously, immediately or future date it so it’s delivered on significant future dates, like milestone birthdays!


Additional Inclusions

checkmark icon A Lifetime of video, audio and written in-browser content creations, updates, and uploads
checkmark icon Manage content preferences for each unique piece of content you create, including delivery dates, content style and recipients
checkmark icon Set up three recipients, and verify them instantly or surprise them in the future. People tell us it’s one of the best gifts they’ve ever received!
checkmark icon Our Wellbeing System checks in with you so that your account remains completely private and we can ensure independent and reverent delivery and publication, as per your wishes, for the lifetime of your account and posthumously
checkmark icon Secure Lifetime storage and privacy
checkmark icon Legacy Planning guidance and prompts
checkmark icon Care Planning guidance and prompts

checkmark icon Access Evaheld Community benefits :

  • Discounted QR Code
  • Discounted Heirloom Keepsake
  • Discounted Video and Audio Minutes
  • Discounted Extra Written Pages
  • Discounted Extra Recipients
checkmark icon Our Recipient Safety and Verification Process ensures a smooth and secure transition for your recipients and you
checkmark icon Appoint a Trusted Party if you like and choose their access level
checkmark icon Eliminates the significant set up, storage and ongoing costs of using a solicitor, while you still have the power to set them up as a Trusted Party if you like
checkmark icon Your content can’t be found by the wrong (or right) people before its intended delivery date
checkmark icon Take your time and plan your answers and then use the teleprompter to deliver the perfect message straight to the camera

Legacy Planning

checkmark icon Legacy Planning guides and prompts created by experts
checkmark icon Popular Legacy Planning content includes: Video messages for grandchildren, born and unborn; Life story books and memoirs; Family history podcasts; Messages for significant events; Storybook recordings, and; Leave less unsaid messages

Additional Inclusions

checkmark icon Preserve personal and family legacy
checkmark icon Maintain everlasting connections
checkmark icon The perfect family heirloom
checkmark icon Be present on significant future dates
checkmark icon Preserve your truth and story
checkmark icon Provide your loved ones and future generations with an everlasting source of comfort and love

Care Planning

checkmark icon Care Planning benefits
checkmark icon Care Planning guides created by experts

Additional Inclusions

checkmark icon Popular Care Planning content includes: About Me content; Social History; Lifestyle History; My Life Memoir; Advanced Care Planning; Appointing a guardian; Advanced Care Directive, and; Advanced Care Planning for someone else
checkmark icon Improved care, health and wellbeing outcomes
checkmark icon Preserve your autonomy & independence by preserving and sharing your care wishes
checkmark icon Future proof your voice, and help carers and medical professionals provide you with the best care possible
checkmark icon Guard against the unexpected, and help to prevent any additional stress and pressure on your loved ones that may stem from having to make decisions about your health and wishes, in the event that you no longer can
checkmark icon Gain peace of mind with a legally valid Advanced Care Plan that is easily shareable
checkmark icon Easily review and update your Care Planning content over time and ensure legibility and deliverability