Do It Yourself Legal Wills, the Types of Wills

Many people picture the television version of a will reading. It seems to always be some rich family where they gather together to fight over a whopping amount of money. The truth is that most will readings are much more simple but still just as important. You don’t want the government deciding what happens with your property and you don’t want to leave your family without being cared for. By going through the do it yourself legal will process you can keep your costs down and still have a strong will and plan for your heirs.

Standard Will

This will will take care of all your property and financial divides. You can quarantine off certain items or certain things for different people. You often will divide up not only your financial assets but also any monies that might come due to life insurance payouts. You need to consider your debt as well and make sure there is enough money to cover everything that you will be leaving behind. This can help ease the burden on your heirs.

Guardianship Will

A guardianship will tells everyone who will take care of your children should you pass away. It also often tells people how to divide up the money left behind and prepare for the future of the children. This can include a trust being established or certain monies being put away for college. This is a gift that keeps on giving and helps ensure your children are cared for in your absence.


This is a specific type of living will or advanced directive. Often used by terminally ill patients or elderly people who do not wish to be revived should something happen; this is a document that stops help from being given. This is not for people of normal healthy standards as if you are in a traumatic situation you will want medical assistance in order to keep you alive, but should you reach a point or a diagnosis that warrants such an order you can do it yourself.

Advanced Directives

There are other advanced directives or living wills that help your heirs know exactly how much treatment you want should you be unable to communicate. You can make decisions based on quality of life and the cost and time your family is spending. Many people do not want to be kept in a coma or fed through a tube for a prolonged period of time. This can help your family make very difficult decisions on your behalf.

All of these wills come in the do it yourself variety. This means you personalize the will without having to consult a lawyer and saving the mass legal fees it would normally cost to have such things drawn up. By knowing what you want your family can feel better about laying you to rest. The confusion of those left behind is eased when clear directions have been laid out and legal wills are a way to be precise.