Do it Yourself Legal Wills

No one wants to think about the inevitable end of their life, but the truth is, you should. Whether you have children or not there are important things you can set up before you pass away. This not only makes things easier on your family members but it helps to make sure your desires are met even after you are gone. In a state of grief it is difficult for people to figure out the ins and outs of what is going on and the more clear you are in your desires the easier it will be for your family to be confident in their choices.

Expensive to Get Wills Done

Many people put off doing a will because of how expensive it can be to consult a lawyer. While there are many legal companies that offer flat fees, it is still not inexpensive. By using a do it yourself legal will you get all the language you need to make your will stand up long after you are gone for a price you can afford. The other factor is the fact that your heirs will pay for it after the fact if you do not make the appropriate plans before you pass. You don’t want that to be your legacy so a do it yourself legal will is a win-win for you now and your heirs later.

What Can I Decide?

With a do it yourself legal will you can decide all the same things you can if you are consulting a professional lawyer. You decide how your money is divided, where you items go and what should be done with any property you own. The wording will include what to do should someone else die at the same time as you. This is often important for married couples.

Why Does it Matter?

If you do not have a proper will, everything has to go through probate and it leaves the state to decide what is going to happen to all your things and all your money. They will also take a fee out of your estate for having to deal with it. This is not a good idea and you may find that your heirs are paying way more in taxes and fees than they would, had you taken care of everything. You also open your property up for disputes and even state seizure if your family disagrees.

Being Prepared

A do it yourself legal will is often a great way to open this door. For those who are young it can seem like you have forever to make plans but you never know when something tragic might happen. Sitting down with a lawyer is quite a commitment, whereas getting a basic legal will packet still gives you the protection of developing a will without truly having to contemplate your mortality in the same way. Even if you don’t have children, making a will cannot wait, do it today!