Do it Yourself Legal Will Kit

It might sound simple, just sit down and write a document that tells who gets what of your stuff. The truth is, a will is a bit more complicated than that and even more so if you have property or children. You need to find a way to properly leave your belongings and your money to others so that it is the best case scenario for everyone. offers a number of different templates and riders to help you put together your will in a way that makes sense for you and for your family. There is no reason you should be left unprotected in the event of your death. The only way to ensure security is to leave behind an easy to follow will.

Why Do it Yourself?

First and foremost you might think why do it yourself? The answer is simple, lawyers are expensive. Why spend the time paying a lawyer to go over all the details when there are templates out there that anyone can use. The will is such a standard document there is no good reason why you can’t do it on your own. The site provides a variety of legal jargon documents that will stand up in court and ensure your assets are protected. The do it yourself legal will item gives you everything you need.

Understanding the Pieces

The site lays out all the pieces in the do it yourself legal will item in a way that makes sense. You can see easily what you need to fill out, how to combine the documents and what you should include. Often people forget about parts of their estate, but this system makes it easy for you to find all the little pieces so you have everything covered by the time you are done. It is a comprehensive item leaving your legacies well protected.

Filing Your Documents

Many people think you have to have all your documents filed with lawyers but that is not true. As long as you have the document witnessed you can file the will anywhere. It is often preferable to have multiple copies with different people in case something should happen to the person who is in charge of your copy. Multiple copies means there is always a good version available somewhere should the unthinkable happen. You should also let your family know at least a portion of what to expect so that there is less argument when the will is executed.

Thinking about your final days is not something anyone looks forward to. What’s worse is leaving your grieving family to figure out your wishes with no direction after your death. By taking the time to think through your estate you are saving your friends and family much pain and suffering. The clearer you are the better everything works. A do it yourself legal will item will help you reach your planning goals in the most painless way possible.