Cost effective Legal will items that are legally sound

We all know that we should make a will, but it is one of those jobs that too many of us put off, convincing ourselves that we don’t have enough assets to make it worthwhile, or that the right people will get their dues anyway, or that we really should finish the patio first… But if you avoid making a will and then something happens to you, it will be those you love the most who end up suffering. When the judicial system is called in to settle an estate the process quickly becomes expensive and can eat up everything you’ve worked so hard to save. Also, the law is not psychic – there’s a high likelihood that your assets will not be distributed as you’d like. All too easily families fall out, businesses break up and chaos descends.

Often, however, it’s not just ignorance or laziness that stop us making a will. Many of us worry that we will have to spend hundreds of dollars in solicitors’ fees. But there is now an alternative: you can create your own legal, affordable Legal will online. enables you to draw up your own personalized will in the comfort of your own home for just $25.00. If you’re married or in a de facto relationship and you both want to make a will then you can save even more time and money with a couple item for $40.

You can make a will yourself because there is no legal requirement that a solicitor should do it for you. All a solicitor does is put your wishes onto paper, and then charge you a huge fee to certify and record the document. In fact, a will doesn’t even need a solicitor’s signature – it can be witnessed by any two adults, although it’s a good idea not to ask adults who are beneficiaries of your will. The Do It Yourself Will Kit comes complete with signing instructions and all the other information that you will need. There is also no legal requirement to register your will. All you need to do is put it in a safe place.

Creating your own will can also be quicker and less fuss than asking a solicitor to do it for you. The Do It Yourself Will Kit is comprehensive and user-friendly. Once you have created an account online you are guided step-by-step through the process of will creation, from the naming of your executors to directions for your funeral, so that all the arrangements are exactly as you want them – you can even leave personal messages for those you leave behind. The item includes practice will forms, legal will forms and executors’ memorandums so that it really is simple and straightforward to complete.

Of course, in our financially unstable world, circumstances change. If you use a solicitor to draw up your will then every time you want to change it you will have to visit – and pay – your solicitor again. If you create your will at then you can modify your existing will at no extra charge.

You don’t need to worry about the safety of your details online either – your account is password protected and uses 128-bit encryption to ensure your privacy.

Once you’ve created your will online then all you need to do is print it off, get it signed and witnessed, and stash it in a safe place. You also need to make sure that you tell your executors where that safe place is – there’s no point making a will if no one can find it and you end up being declared to have died intestate anyway. If you don’t have anywhere yourself where you feel safe storing your will then you can take up the storage and update service offered with your online will, and entrust it to Will Store Pty Ltd, a specialist storage company for last wills and testaments.

Now that there is an easy, affordable, legal alternative to going to a solicitor, maybe it’s time to stop making excuses and create your own Legal will, before it’s too late. Go to to get started.