Childrens Charter


In addition to making a Will, we recommend that, if you have children, you draw up a Children’s Charter to ensure that instructions are in place on how you wish your children to be taken care of.

This document is simply a written record prepared by you as a sole parent or as a couple, which details what you want for your children should either of you pass away.

The document contains a set of instructions on what you want for your children and covers a range of life and lifestyle issues, such as:

  • Where they will live
  • Involvement with other family members
  • Standard of living
  • Schooling
  • Religious instruction
  • Tertiary education
  • Overseas trips, other activities
  • Health issues

These guidelines do not form part of your Will, but is a separate document. Your Will selects the guardian(s) and makes financial provision for your children, but does not deal with the above personal issues.