Are Do it Yourself Legal Wills the Way to Go?

‘We’ll make a will when we have kids…’I’ll write a will when I buy a house’. Sound familiar? Like thousands of Australians without a will, it’s often something we’ve thought about, but put off for years until we felt it really necessary. Perhaps you already have kids or a mortgage and have still procrastinated. No matter what your situation, it’s always a good time to write a will.

Save yourself a stack of cash – make a Legal will online

Unlike the pre-internet dark ages, a legal will doesn’t need to be created in a solicitor’s office and cost a small fortune.  The internet provides solicitor created and verified Do It Yourself Legal Wills to the masses, which makes the price very affordable, while still being legally sound.

Don’t want to let the government sort out your estate?

Without a will your estate is left wide open for the  government to come in and second guess all your wishes. While they will probably do a great job of dividing up your estate in line with their standard formula, the additional time and cost for State Trustee involvement can be avoided by having a Legal will in place.

The right Legal will for you

If you’ve been putting all this off because you don’t know what to include, you haven’t spoken with your family about your final wishes, or you just can’t be bothered, our items are perfect. They are simply designed and have a number of different templates designed to fit your life stage. Have kids? Have a house? Have a small business? We’ve got the do it yourself legal will item for you!

We’ll make sure you don’t forget anything

There’s no need to sit down and make a long list of all your mandatories . Our templates are so well designed you won’t forget anything. We list all the extra stuff that you may have, prompting you along the way. As you build your will online you’ll have the chance to include all the extra bits and pieces that make up your estate.

Making it legal

There’s no fancy way to file a will, you don’t need to put it in the safe deposit box at the bank, or at a lawyer’s office. All you need to do is have it witnessed by a neutral party (we explain this in more detail in our item, but this can be any average Joe Citizen). Then leave a few copies in likely places. Perhaps with your siblings or best friend. You can also ask your accountant to hold a copy in his office. Then it’s done. Your post-mortem future is protected. Don’t trust your family or friends? Or maybe you have insight at just how disorganized they all are? also offer affordable document storage for added piece of mind.