Do you want the court to decide who gets your Assets and how much they receive?

If you own property, cars or bikes, jewellery, collectables, have superannuation, a life insurance policy or anything else of value it is important you consider preparing a Will! Without it, the court may decide who gets what and if your family members are disputing the distribution, it could tear your family apart.

In your Will, you can distribute your Assets to the people of your choosing. This can include your family, friends or a favourite charity.

If you have previously been married and have children from that marriage they can often miss out when it comes to the distribution of Assets of your deceased estate if you don’t have a valid Will in place.

The only way to ensure that your Assets are distributed to the people you love, is to prepare a Will and update it every 3-5 years depending on your circumstances.

Remember, you don’t have to own a lot but if you want to ensure what you do have goes to the right person, then complete your Will today!

For additional information on Wills and Estate Planning specific to your needs, please seek professional legal advice from a qualified solicitor.