About legal Wills

A Legal will is a legal document that states what you want to do with the possessions you leave after you die and with this kind of will you are writing it yourself although you are going to have it notarized by a public notary. You can obtain a Legal will item online from services such as LegalWill.com.au and websites like this one offer the advice and tools you need to create an understandable and effective will.

There are consequences to not having a legal will. If you die without children and your spouse is alive at the time, he will inherit all of what you own if you do not specify who will get certain items. If you do not have close relatives but have children at the time of your death, they can inherit everything and this is not good if you want some of your items to be donated to charity.

Price Ranges Differ

Legal wills from services such as LegalWill.com.au vary by company and by the type of Legal will you want to get. Most basic Legal wills will cost $25 and if you order a will that will be reviewed by a solicitor, it could cost over $100. Before you purchase an online Legal item, you want to compare the prices and components of the will.

General Tips on Writing Your Will

The first thing you should include in the will is a breakdown of your assets and which persons you want certain assets to be distributed to. If there are special assets that you want to give away to friends and relatives, you want to mention this is in the will. Assets you should include in the will include houses, cars, life insurance benefits, any funds in your savings account and checking account, furniture, electronics and any sentimental items. When you choose an executor of your estate, the executor should be at least 18 years old and it is wise to choose two executors in the even the first one dies or chooses not to be the executor. When you sign the will, you must sign it while two witnesses are present and they need to sign the will.

Periodically Make Changes To Will

You should make changes to the will occasionally because life incidents such as birth, divorce, or death of loved ones affect the nature and outcome of your Legal will and there could be bad consequences as the result of this neglect. When important life incidents happen, you should make changes immediately.


When you buy a Legal will item from websites such as LegalWill.com.au, you make it easy to write your own will and you can save money on solicitor’s fees and other expenses associated with creating your will. When you purchase a Legal will item, you should choose one that includes a review of it by the solicitor to ensure that your will is written correctly. Finally, make sure you do not leave any loved ones out to avoid hurt feelings.