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(The Old Fashioned Way)

  • Make a call
  • Wait for call back
  • Explain who you are
  • Get the fact-finding forms to fill in
  • Travel to the solicitor's office
  • Wait in the waiting room
  • Have the meeting
  • Sign the cost agreement
  • Travel home
  • Wait for the draft
  • Meet with the lawyer to discuss changes
  • Wait for changes
  • Come back again to execute/sign document

Why Do I Need A legal Will?

There is nothing more comforting than knowing your family will be taken care of after you’ve gone. It not only gives you peace of mind, but it is one less thing for your loved ones to worry about. Here are some of the reasons why it is important for you to have a legal Will.

Protect Your Family

Not having a Will could create conflict and division within the family. Ensure your wishes are carried out by the person you trust most. Don’t leave a court appointed outsider to tend to your family affairs.

Peace of Mind

A Will enables you to determine what you want to happen to your possessions after your death. Do you want your grandchildren to receive a special item? Perhaps a charity, or an organisation close to your heart could benefit from a donation. What would you like to happen to your remains? These are all points that can be made clear in your Will.

Protecting your Assets

It’s only right that you should decide what happens to your assets. Don’t leave it to chance, a legal Will is the only way for you to decide who gets what. No Will means no say.

Who Looks After Your Children?

A Will is the only way to appoint a legal guardian for your children. Obviously, you want the best for your children, no matter what. In your Will, you can state the provisions you have made for them to ensure they will be taken care of.

Save Money. Save Stress.

Not having a Will can create a significant financial burden on the beneficiaries. Applying for probate is a costly and time consuming process and trying to decide who will be responsible for managing your estate involves a lot of emotion and stress. Your family could do without this at an already difficult time, but this can all be avoided by putting a Will in place.

Customer Testimonials

I decided to try the online legal wills at because I needed a convenient, cost-effective way to help my clients prepare their Will. I  found very easy to use and I could prepare my client’s Will in less than 45 minutes.  The result was a comprehensive, well-written document for my clients that I could print out on the spot. One thing I liked was the simple format for entering my client’s information. I found the experience very impressive and I would recommend to other Financial Planners who want to ensure their clients are protected for the future.

Leigh Stafford Edge Financial Planning

I found the information on really easy to understand and very helpful when it came to completing my will online. The Will form was in a user-friendly format and I finished my Will in 45 minutes. I would recommend anyone to because it was clear and straightforward and very professional.

Belinda Gibson Edge Financial Planning

I used to prepare my Will and I found that it was really easy and the Will form explained things very well as I went along. The whole process worked perfectly!

Donna Churchland Illawong